Breezy Point Families To Sue LIPA Over Massive Fire

One of the most enduring and painful images from superstorm Sandy was the smoldering barren wasteland, the scorched swath that is Breezy Point, Queens.

It was there that 130 homes burned to the ground. Now 17 families of those families say they plan to sue the Long Island Power Authority.

The families contend the utility should have cut the power ahead of Sandy’s surge. They say ocean water coming in contact with energized wires sparked the wind-fueled fireball that ravaged the neighborhood.

Regina Heggerty is among those who want LIPA to accept responsibility.

“If I didn’t have a fire, I’d have my little tiny, unpretentious 1935 bungalow, my favorite place in the whole world and they stole all that from us,” she told WCBS 880 reporter Sean Adams. “My grandkids are heartbroken. My children, my children are angry. I can’t go down there without crying.”

In contrast, Con Ed turned off the power to Lower Manhattan and coastal Brooklyn to prevent fires.

The families said they might sue for $1 million each.


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