India 'boosts' security around Israel embassies

High-ranking Israeli officials met with security officials in India and notified them that Israeli diplomats may be a target for Iranian terror operatives on February 13, the anniversary of the 2012 attack on an Israeli diplomat in New Delhi, The Times of India reported Thursday.

The meeting took place on the backdrop of reports about an alleged Israeli Air Force strike in Syria. Iran threatened before that it would view an attack on Syria as an attack on Tehran.

According to the report, security has been reinforced around Israeli institutions in the country per Israel's request.

In the meeting, the report says, the Israelis also asked the Indian authorities about further developments in the probe into the 2012 bombing.
In the wake of last year's act of terror, the Indian police arrested Iranian Syed Mohammad Ahmad Kazmi for his alleged involvement in the plot, but he managed to escape.
The February 13, 2012 New Delhi bombing was part of a coordinated assault against Israel's embassies worldwide. A bomb that exploded near the Israeli embassy in the Indian capital injured Tali Yehoshua-Koren, the wife of an Israeli Defense Ministry attaché, as well as her driver.

Around the same time, an Israeli embassy employee in Georgia found an explosive charge in a car near the mission in Tbilisi. The charge was dismantled and there were no casualties.


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