Jewish teen stabbed in West Bank

A 17-year-old Jewish boy was stabbed in the West Bank on Tuesday afternoon. The teen sustained mild abdominal injuries and was evacuated to the Rabin Medical Center in Petah Tikva stable condition.

According to the police's initial investigation, the perpetrator, a 20-year-old Palestinian man from Ramallah, simply walked over to the victim and stabbed him.

The suspect was immediately apprehended by Border Guard officers stationed nearby, and turned over to security forces for further interrogation.

Chairman of the Shomron Settlers Association, Benny Katzover, told Ynet: "The IDF must be prepared and toughen policy in the face of any attempt to execute terror attacks. At the same time, the prime minister must use the weapon of Zionist retort and with each terror attack, work to solidify the settlements."

Earlier this week, Border Guard soldiers detained two Palestinian men with explosive devices, a knife and an improvised pistol. On questioning, the two admitted to planning a terror attack.
Meanwhile, two other men were caught after hurling firebombs. They were in the possession of hand grenades and improvised weapons.

The two also admitted to intentions of executing terror attacks, with a specific plan to attack the Alon Moreh settlement. The two were carrying a letter in which a Palestinian organization assumed responsibily for the attack that did not come into effect.


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