Kinneret rises as snow, floods return

The current winter storm has added another four centimeters to the Kinneret's water level in the past 24 hours, and the lake is now 1.91 meters shy of the upper red line, which denotes that it is full. Floods have also closed many roads across the country.

Snow has fallen in Efrat in the Etzion bloc south of Jerusalem, Itamar in Samaria and on high peaks in the central mountains. 20 centimeters of snow has fallen on Mount Hermon, and the ski site is closed due to the storm and heavy fog.

There has been serious flooding in Netanya and other towns in the Sharon region.

The storm will ease this evening, although rain will continue tomorrow throughout the country. Saturday will be cold with scattered showers, mostly in the north. Weather will be pleasant in the south, and it will be possible to take hikes and view the flowers.


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