N.Y. - Anti-Semitic Vandalism Rattles Rye High School

Rye High School‘s stately stone facade evokes images of the Ivy League and people usually feel safe and protected in the upscale corner of Westchester County.

But anti-Semitic vandalism has been found on the site and the school district’s website says people are appalled and disturbed.

“Designs that resemble a swastikas on the windshields,” Police Commissioner Williams Connors told WCBS 880′s Sean Adams.

Connors said that sometime Monday into Tuesday, vandals smashed windows at the high school and in a classroom trailer then etched sloppy swastikas on three school vehicles.

“Most likely it would be considered a hate crime,” Connors said.

At this point, there are no suspects, but police are reviewing surveillance footage.

Over the weekend, there was another incident at the school. Someone raised a Harrison flag at Rye High School. There is a bitter rivalry between the two, but, so far, police don’t see a link.


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