N.Y. - School Bus Strike May Last Even Longer Than Last One

Some replacement school bus drivers are behind the wheel today as a mediator says parents may not see a quick resolution to this school bus strike.

About 120 replacement drivers and matrons crossed the picket line this morning at a depot on Staten Island.

Those drivers are transporting some of the students who haven't had bus service since drivers went on strike January 16.

Even with replacement drivers on the job, striking drivers say they're not backing down from their demands.

"I'm really upset. I'll be honest with you. And it's really annoying every time I see another bus pulling out of that yard," said one bus driver.

"It's very upsetting to see these buses roll today. We were hoping that these other drivers would be in solidarity with us," said another bus driver.

"I feel hurt. I mean, I feel that whoever steps over the line..I mean I understand everybody has bills. We all have bills but we have to take a stand. We don't make that much money," noted a third driver.

Yesterday, retired judge Milton Mollen -- who settled the 12-week bus strike in 1979 -- met with the bus companies and the drivers union.

He says this strike may last even longer than the last one.

Members of the Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1181 walked off the job after the city put bus contracts out to bid without protections for veteran drivers.

The city says it cannot legally offer those protections.

Before the replacement drivers were called in, the strike had been affecting roughly 150,000 students.


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