Bezeq to upgrade subscribers to 15 mega for free

Bezeq Israeli Telecommunication Co. Ltd. will upgrade Internet access speeds for its subscribers for free. At a press conference today, the company presented the new strategic marketing measure to provide 15-Mbps Internet access speed to 85% of subscribers when the measure is completed in a few years. The company said that at least 900,000 subscribers would have 15-Mbps access speed in 2013.

As part of the measure, Bezeq will upgrade the Internet access speed of almost all customers by 50%. Customers will not have to do anything; the upgrade to 15-Mbps will be automatic. Customers will have to adjust their Internet plan with their Internet service provider.

As part of the measure, all Bezeq customers with less than 5-Mbps will automatically be upgraded to 5-Mbps, and all customers with more than 5-Mbps will automatically be upgraded to 15-Mbps.

Bezeq also launched a free information back-up service with unlimited volume.


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