Bloomberg: Ban on large sodas should go statewide

The city's big-soda ban should spill over the entire state, Mayor Bloomberg said Monday.

Bloomberg argued the state ought to prohibit sugary drinks larger than 16 ounces in stores it regulates, as the city will soon do in restaurants and other establishments that are under its regulatory thumb.

“The state should do exactly the same thing in stores,” the mayor said when asked about a Big-Gulp-size loophole in his controversial policy to combat obesity.

As a reporter’s question pointed out, when the big-soda edict takes effect March 12, one will be able to buy a 2-liter bottle of soda in a supermarket but not in a pizza parlor.

The city ban will apply only to businesses it regulates — restaurants, delis, food carts, and concessions at sports arenas and movie theaters. But it won’t outlaw 7-Eleven’s famous big sodas, for instance, because supermarkets and convenience stores are regulated by the state.


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