City Pols Make Push To Rename Subway Stop After Koch

When he was running for elected office, Ed Koch spent much of his campaign time at one particular subway station in Manhattan.
Now an effort is underway to rename the station and the nearby street corner after him.

Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney is looking to rename the corner of 77th Street and Lexington Avenue "Mayor Edward I. Koch Street."

She will also recommend the Metropolitan Transportation Authority put Koch's name on the subway station at that corner.

Koch campaigned at the station while running for Congress and for mayor calling it his favorite stop on the subway.

A measure has been introduced in the City Council to rename the station after Koch.

But it could be an uphill battle as the MTA says it does not rename stations after people.

Congresswoman Maloney and other city officials plan to hold a news conference this afternoon to discuss their plans.


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