Driver jumps from car going 60 mph through Newburgh streets

NEWBURGH - A man, who ran a red light at the intersection of Broadway and Route 9W at 2:45 a.m. on Monday was eventually caught but not before he refused to stop, was chased by Newburgh City Police and jumped from the vehicle as it traveled about 60 miles an hour.

Police caught Casiem Hart, 22, of Poughkeepsie, and discovered he had absconded from New York State Parole since April 2012. It was also discovered that he possessed a half ounce of cocaine and was driving while his ability was impaired.

He sustained minor road abrasions that occurred during his jump from the vehicle. The he Jeep was driving crashed into a fire hydrant and a parking meter before striking the roll down gates of the House of Refuge Church at 127 Broadway.

Hart was charged with several felonies and misdemeanors including parole absconding, unlawful fleeing a police officer reckless driving, criminal mischief, criminal possession of drugs, resisting arrest and driving while ability impaired by drugs.


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