El Al offers spring discounts

El Al Israel Airlines Ltd. today began a spring offer with special prices to a large range of destinations in North America, Europe. The offer is valid between February 11 and February 21 for flights leaving Israel between April 10 and May 31.

Examples include return flights to New York for $999 down from $1,098, Los Angeles for $1,199 down from $1,368, and Toronto for $1,009 down from $1,262. In Europe price reduction include London Heathrow for $589, down from $659, and Paris for $499, down from $539. Return flights to Athens are reduced from $283 to $249. Return flights to Johannesburg have been reduced from $1,200 to $899 during that period.

El Al head of marketing Einat Yanai said, "El Al is offering customers the chance to enjoy 10 days of sales at the most attractive prices for direct flights in the spring. 10 days of discounts that will allow more customers to enjoy special prices and plan a spring vacation at their convenience."

10,000 tourist class tickets have been allocated to the campaign. Customers can also joint the frequent flyers club free-of-charge over the next 10 days.


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