Israel - Obama visit won't see new peace plan

US President Barack Obama's Israel visit will not be "focused on specific Middle East peace process proposals," White House spokesman Jay Carney said Wednesday.

Carney added that newly-appointed Secretary of State John Kerry will attempt to find ways to restart negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians during his February visit but that the White House does not want to foster false hopes regarding the president's visit.

The US administration stressed the importance of strengthening ties on the Iranian and Syrian issues.

"I'm sure that any time the president and prime minister have a discussion and certainly any time the president has a discussion with leaders of the Palestinian Authority, that those issues are raised. But that is not the purpose of this visit," Carney said.

Asked whether Obama will use the visit to put pressure Israel on the settlements issue, Carney replied: "We expect that Iran and Syria will be topics of conversation.

"But I'm sure a variety of issues will be discussed, as they always are when the president meets with Prime Minister Netanyahu and other Israeli leaders. And that's certainly the case when he meets with Palestinian Authority officials."


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