Israel - Price tag suspects vandalize Muslim cemetery

Price tag vandals angry over the demolition of homes in the West Bank outpost of Ma’aleh Rehavam targeted a historical Muslim cemetery in downtown Jerusalem overnight Wednesday. The vandals spray-painted the words “Ma’aleh Rehavam,” “Price Tag” and Jewish stars on 10 gravestones in the Muslim cemetery on Agron Street next to the Mamillah mall. 

By mid-morning the municipality’s anti-graffiti team has already worked to remove the vandalism. Police opened an investigation into the incident.

Price tag attacks are when extremist right-wingers vandalize army or Arab property whenever the army takes steps against settlements, in order to illustrate that there is a “price” for the anti-settlement activity.

The cemetery across from Independence park has Muslim graves dating to the 12th century, according to activists trying to preserve the cemetery from development and the Museum of Tolerance construction.

According to the anti-racism coalition Bright Tag, created in response to the "price tag" incidents, this is the 21st Christian or Muslim religious site targeted by price tag vandals in the past three years by similar activists angry over settlement policies.


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