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More than one-quarter of Israeli households sought welfare in 2011


More than one-quarter of Israeli households required welfare services in 2011, according to official data.

A report published on Feb. 6 by Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics said that 520,000 out of 1.83 million registered households approached welfare services for assistance in 2011.

Out of those, 15 percent were single-parent households and 47 percent were one-person households.

The average Israeli household has 3.73 people with a monthly expenditure of $3,760. In 48 percent of Israeli households, each member has at least one room, an increase of four percentage points since 2003.

In 2011, Israel had 107,000 single-parent households.

The report was released ahead of Family Day in Israel, scheduled for Feb. 10, Army Radio reported.


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