Over 60,000 Israelis sign 'Free Pollard' petition

The Justice for Jonathan Pollard group has launched a new campaign beseeching US President Barack Obama to free the jailed spy.

Over 63,000 Israelis have singed the petition so far.

The organization plans to present the American president with the petition during his March visit to Israel.

Pollard, a former US Navy intelligence analyst, was convicted of espionage and sentenced to life imprisonment in 1985.

In recent years, his failing health has amped the organization's efforts to see to his release. Israel has petitioned various US administrations in the matter time and again, to no avail.

The organization has released a new video to support its request for signatures. In it, Obama is seen presenting President Shimon Peres with the Medal of Freedom.

As the camera pulls back, a prison cell wall becomes visible, on which is written, "Mr. president, please save me. J. Pollard."

The video was produced with the help of the CTV media company, which donated the use of its advertising screens nationwide to the campaign.


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