Problems with Israeli cellular networks prompt suspicions of cyber-attack

Customers of Israeli cellular provider Pelephone throughout the country reported malfunctions in the service of their cellular phones on Sunday evening.

Five hours after the problems were first reported, Pelephone said that 30 percent of the network was up and running.

People in Tel Aviv, Ramat Gan, Bnei Brak, and the wider Gush Dan area said they were unable to place and receive calls or send text messages from the early evening onward.

As complaints from Gush Dan streamed in, reports of difficulties began to flow in from other parts of Israel as well. 

Customers from other cellular providers - Orange, Hot Mobile and Rami Levi – also complained of communication problems. Both Hot Mobile and Rami Levi 's network, which just started operating last year, are using the country-wide Pelephone network infrastructure until they finish building their own.

A Pelephone spokesperson said they were aware of the issue, and that they 'hope to have the problem fixed by morning.' Some 30 percent of the network was functioning five hours after the problems were first reported, according to the company.

Security officials are checking whether this is a malfunction, or a cyber-attack. 


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