Teen arrested for pelting Iron Dome battery with stones

A 14-year-old youth from the Nazareth area was arrested on Wednesday for throwing a stone at an Iron Dome battery deployed in the Jezreel Valley.

The Nazareth Magistrate's Court remanded the teen until Friday.

The incident occurred when the teen left school in a neighboring village and then allegedly threw stones at the battery.

Soldiers notified the police which upon arrival noticed the youth trying to escape.

The teen was arrested and taken for questioning. The police noted there was no danger for the battery's soldiers, pointing to a similar incident that occurred last week without any injury.

A third Iron Dome battery was recently deployed in northern Israel. The IDF said the deployment is part of the general operational implementation of the Iron Dome system. 

Nevertheless, the deployment of three fully-operational batteries in northern Israel cannot be considered part of the IDF's routine activity.

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd is set to supply the IDF with three additional batteries in the near future.


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