Washington Heights Snowman A Big Hit After Blizzard

In a tribute to last week’s blizzard, a nearly 10-foot snowman continues to stand tall on the corner of 169th Street and Audubon Avenue in Washington Heights.

Time and rising temperatures have taken their toll on Frosty who has lost his red scarf, carrot nose, eyes, pail hat and both his arms since he mysteriously appeared Saturday after a winter storm dumped nearly a foot of snow on New York City.

“It was beautiful when it was first done, now it’s kind of melting away, but it was nice in the beginning,” one man said. “It was gigantic; it was much bigger than this.”
“He was much more attractive than he is right now,” one woman said.

It is not immediately clear who created the giant snowman, which continues to thrill passersby.

The snowman could get a touch-up tonight; forecasters say rain later in the day will change over into snow just in time for the evening rush.


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