106-year-old woman to get high-school diploma

Reba Williams, a 106-year-old Pennsylvania woman, is finally getting her high-school diploma.

The Mansfield News Journal explains that Williams completed her 12 years of education when she was a teen in the 1920s. However, Williams refused to read a book (unnamed) assigned by her teacher senior year—and was not allowed to graduate.

Daughter Lavata Williams told the Mansfield News Journal that her mother "said the book was not worth reading and she'd already read it once and didn't like it and wasn't going to read it again."

Flash-forward almost nine decades. Former director of the Ohio Department of Agriculture Fred Dailey said that his wife, Rita, a former teacher in William's school district, had heard the story and brought the issue to the attention of the Mount Vernon Board of Education.

Last week, the board voted to award Williams her long overdue diploma. It has yet to be decided if it will be mailed to her or if some sort of ceremony will be organized.

Williams would have graduated with the class of 1925 or 1926. When her daughter told her about her forthcoming diploma, Williams said, "That's nice."


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