Day After Sugary Drink Ban Fizzles, Mayor Seeks Volunteers

A day after the courts blocked it, Mayor Michael Bloomberg is asking restaurants to voluntarily stop serving sugary drinks larger than 16 ounces.

Mayor Bloomberg appeared with city officials Tuesday at Lucky's Café, a Midtown restaurant which has opted to serve smaller drinks.

Speaking to reporters, Bloomberg said he hopes other restaurants will follow suit as the city has formally filed an appeal.

"We will appeal the judge's decision on the ruling yesterday," said Bloomberg. "We are confident we will win that. But while the legal case plays out the conversation we started about the dangers of the portion sizes of sugary drinks has prompted many people like Greg to take action and we came here to applaud him."

"This is under appeal. But in the meantime we're asking all restauranteurs to do the responsible thing and voluntarily serve portion sizes that are appropriate to humans, as Lucky's is doing today," said City Health Commissioner Dr. Thomas Farley.

The mayor said the portion size measure is needed to prevent an obesity epidemic.

The regulations would have taken effect Tuesday.


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