Helicopter blows deer trapped on frozen lake to shore in clever rescue

A helicopter came to the rescue of a deer stuck on a frozen lake in Canada by using the wind from the rotor blades to blow the stricken animal across the ice to safety.

The deer and her fawn were stranded on thin ice in Antigonish Harbour, Nova Scotia, and clearly tiring as they attempted to make their way to shore in the slippery conditions.

Whilst the young fawn did finally manage to escape the ice, its mother remained stricken.

With the saltwater ice too brittle for rescuers to walk across, experienced helicopter pilot David Farrell remembered a trick he had used before.

Using the wind created by the aircraft's rotor blades, Mr Farrell flew low to the ice and blew the stricken deer to safety.

The pilot told the Canadian TV station CTV: "As long as you can keep that deer moving along the ice, it tends to calm down. I don't know if it understands we're trying to help or, I don't know what's going through its mind, but it works good."

The incredible rescue was filmed by local resident Ian Waugh.

It was Mr Waugh who had earlier raised the alarm when he alerted the Department of Natural Resources to the deer's plight.

"I was waiting for all kinds of different things, but that solution I was not prepared for, and I thought, just brilliant," he told CTV.

Mr Farrell later downplayed talk of his heroism in rescuing the animals.

"You can do it a thousand times and it shows up on camera once, and then you can appreciate what you're doing, spur of the moment. It's your job."


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