Israel - Father accidently runs over son while backing up

A father accidentally killed his own 18-month old son while absentmindedly reversing his car on Wednesday. According to a police statement, it seems the child was killed by his father when he reversed the car, unaware that the former had exited the vehicle.

A helpless MDA emergency crew which was called to the scene was unfortunately forced to declare the child dead.

The tragic incident took place in Hotmey Hamegila Street, in Rosh HaAyin. MDA emergency forces, whose station is nearby, had no choice but call time of death and declare the child as dead upon arrival at the scene.

Police claim the child was struck by the car after he, unbeknownst to his father, exited the vehicle.

Police traffic-accident investigators have commenced their investigation and began taking testimonies from the father and other witnesses.

According to their preliminary investigation, it seems the father was driving down a small path between two buildings and did not notice his son.

"The father is in total shock, we are waiting for him to recover to properly interrogate him," the investigation unit said.

"I was sitting next to the station, and saw the car pull in. The woman was full of blood and holding the baby in her arms. The man ran towards us and 'the baby was run-over,'" Mauiya Katha, a paramedic recanted.

"I took the child and saw that he was unconscious and without heart-beat. I had nothing to do; I told them he was dead. I am a paramedic for many years now, and this is one of the hardest cases of seen," he sadly noted.

Rosh Ha'Ayin Police Commander Brigadier General Ratzon Peretz said that the father assumed the child was already in the house and hence began to back the car up.

"The boy was killed on the spot, the parents are in pretty bad shape. We are currently working with the municipality and the welfare services to assist them.

Apperently he told the mom to leave the child and then the boy approached the car and was run over," Peretz said.

Last October a similar event occurred in Um Al Fahem, there a 4-year-old boy was run over by his father, who also did not notice him playing in the yard while backing the car out of his driveway.

Similarly, MDA forces were forced to pronounce the child dead.


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