Man Sentenced To 10 Years In Synagogue Bomb Plot

A man convicted of plotting to blow up synagogues was sentenced Friday to 10 years behind bars.

Ahmed Ferhani, 28, was one of two men arrested back in May 2011 as part of a weapons sting operation.

He pled guilty in December to weapons, conspiracy, and hate crime charges.

Prosecutors say the Algerian native is a homegrown terrorist upset over how Muslims are treated in the U.S.

His lawyers argued the government did not have enough evidence to prove that.

Speaking before the judge, Ferhani apologized for his actions and said that he is trying to live his life the right way.

"I will use this time to strengthen my mind and my character. I have always showed strength in the face of adversity, and despite the pain and humiliation that has been caused - my spirit has not been broken and never will be," Ferhani said.

Speaking outside court, Ferhani's attorney maintained her client was entrapped by law enforcement.

Ferhani's guilty plea marked the first time a person was convicted on state terror charges since the laws were passed after the September 11th attacks.

He faces possible deportation after serving his sentence.

In a statement, Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Junior praised the sentence, adding, "Violent plots like Ahmed Ferhani’s endanger all New Yorkers. Fortunately, as a result of the collaboration between state prosecutors and local police, we prevented him from carrying out his violent plan against our City.”


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