N.Y. - Fire Commissioner's Son Resigns After Hate Tweets Apology

The son of Fire Commissioner Salvatore Cassano has resigned from his job as an EMT after apologizing for offensive tweets about Jews, African Americans and even his patients.

The tweets have since been deleted.

One of the messages included a derogatory term for African-Americans and a post in which he says he likes Jews "about as much as hitler."

In a statement released through the FDNY before he decided to leave his post, Joseph Cassano said, "I regret posting some comments that were offensive, especially since I enjoy my job and treat every patient with great care and respect."

In a statement, the FDNY commissioner expressed disappointment in his son's comments adding they "Do not reflect the values – including a respect for all people – that are held by me, my family and the FDNY. I have worked hard for many years, as have so many people in the agency, to make the FDNY more diverse and inclusive. There is no place - and I have no tolerance - for statements that would harm the good reputation we enjoy due to our honorable service to all New Yorkers.

Cassano went on to say, "As a parent, this is very painful for me, but I believe my son has made the right decision. I love him very much and, with the support and love of our entire family, we will get through this together."


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