N.Y. - Proposed ‘Wall Of Shame’ Could Help Subway Riders Identify Convicted Sex Offenders

Sex offenders may be staring you in the face during your subway ride. A local lawmaker is pushing for a ‘wall of shame’ at city subway stations.

If Councilman Peter Vallone Jr gets his way then pictures of convicts will be posted for everybody to see. Strap-hangers told CBS 2′s Alice Gainer that close conditions on the subway often lead to a lot of contact between riders.

“Sometimes you’re on the train and there’s a lot of people, so you’re like being touched,” said Stephanie Rodriguez.

Vallone, serves as the Chair of the Public Safety Committee and has two daughters.

“I think it’d be a great deterrent, a great way to protect women,” he said.

On Monday Vallone will introduce a resolution to the City Council that will call for a ‘wall of shame’; pictures of convicted sex offenders would be posted in the stations where attacks have occurred, and in stations near the offenders’ homes.

Most subway attacks in the city have occurred along the downtown 4,5, and 6 line, according to officials. At one stop along the line CBS 2 found a wanted poster for a man suspected of assaulting a rider on the 4-train, the ‘wall of shame’ would work the same way.

Subway riders appeared torn on proposed resolution.

“I think it’d be a great. I think we need to know who the molesters are, so we can take defense and watch for people,” said Earline Sutton.

Nathan Kaufman disagreed.

“If they’re seeing all these evil people that are hanging out in the subways it might deter people from taking the subway,” he said.

It will be up to the MTA to decide if they want to go through with the plan. A call placed by CBS 2 to the MTA was not returned.


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