Park's 10-year wait for toilets

Little Bay Park visitors will finally get long-awaited toilets and parking spaces.

Eight years after the park in northeast Queens got more than $5 million in state and federal funds for a comfort station and a 224-car parking lot, work on them is finally about to begin—to the delight and relief of park patrons. Portable toilets were trucked in years ago, but park visitors complain that they are disgusting.

"Clean, safe, inviting public restrooms in Little Bay Park are not a luxury," said Warren Schreiber, president of a neighborhood group, the Bay Terrace Community Alliance. "They are a necessity that will allow all visitors to have an enjoyable park experience."

Construction of permanent facilities and the parking lot has been delayed by environmental and historic preservation reviews, according to a Parks Department spokesman. The 18-month-long project will break ground in late winter or spring, but the spokesman declined to be more specific, something area residents have grown used to.

"Even with an 18-month timeline, that will put us close to 10 years since that money was allocated," Mr. Schreiber said.


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