Anthony Weiner Eyeing Mayoral Run: Report

Anthony Weiner, the congressman who resigned his New York seat in 2011 after he misfired a photo of his groin on Twitter and then lied about his sexual exploits online, is eyeing a run for mayor and says he wants to ask voters for a second chance.

The Democrat tells the New York Times Magazine in a story posted online Wednesday that he is considering a return to politics, and believes now may be the moment.

"I do recognize, to some degree, it’s now or maybe never for me, in terms of running for something," Weiner tells the Times. "I’m trying to gauge not only what’s right and what feels comfortable right this second, but I’m also thinking, 'How will I feel in a year or two years or five years? Is this the time that I should be doing it? And then there’s the other side of the coin, which is ... am I still the same person who I thought would make a good mayor?'"

“Also, I want to ask people to give me a second chance," he went on. "I do want to have that conversation with people whom I let down and with people who put their faith in me and who wanted to support me. I think to some degree I do want to say to them, ‘Give me another chance.’ ”

The more than $4 million he had raised before resigning is still in play, campaign finance officials have said. Weiner filed a disclosure form with the Campaign Finance Board last month that showed him spending money on polling.

Weiner said the polling he has done has shown mixed results.

“People are generally prepared to get over it, but they don’t know if they’re prepared to vote for me. And there’s a healthy number of people who will never get over it," he told the Times. "It’s a little complicated because I always attracted a fairly substantial amount of people who didn’t like me anyway.”


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