IDF Security Failure as Gaza Man Reaches Netivot

A man from Gaza managed to get past several layers of IDF security and to reach the Israeli city of Netivot shortly before Passover, Yisrael Hayom reports.

The man was unarmed and apparently did not plan to carry out a terrorist attack. His infiltration has caused great concern in the defense establishment regardless, as it is feared that he could have shown terrorists a way of entering Israel.

In addition, military commanders are concerned that the man may have been a terrorist doing reconnaissance.

According to the report the man apparently entered Israel in the afternoon. He crossed over in the Nachal Oz region.

A soldier who was meant to watch the Gaza security barrier and to respond to alarms failed to catch him. The soldier apparently received an indication of motion in the area, but looked at the wrong stretch of fence and assumed the indication was a false alarm.

The fence itself did not sound an alarm, apparently due to a pinpoint technical failure. An IDF tracker in the area appears to have mistaken the man’s footprints for those of an IDF soldier patrolling the area.

After crossing the barrier the Gaza man managed to catch a ride from an Israeli driver to the city of Netivot. There, he turned himself in to police.

The IDF is investigating the incident.


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