Quinn Proposes City Takeover Of MTA

City Council Speaker and mayoral candidate Christine Quinn said this morning in a speech at LaGuardia Community College that the city should be in charge of its own mass transit system.

Speaking in the Long Island City section of Queens, Quinn said she wants mayoral control of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority board and a board member that represents the riding public.

The speaker said mass transit should be the engine for economic growth and having the city in charge of the MTA will ensure that riders will get the most for their money.

"The MTA chair is appointed by the governor. The mayor has a minority of the appointments on the MTA board. The majority of the new members are appointed by the governor and county leaders outside of our city," Quinn said. "This has resulted in an MTA that doesn't respond quickly enough to the needs of New Yorkers and the changing face of our city."

The speaker also proposed extending Metro-North Railroad and ferry service in the city, as well as increased Select Bus Service in the boroughs outside of Manhattan.

The MTA, which is currently run by the state, is not commenting on Quinn’s suggestions.


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