Israel - Courts Jail Father for 21 Days for Not Divorcing Wife

Israeli courts have sentenced a man to 21 days in jail in an effort to try and convince him to come to court to sign divorce papers.

The wife left with the couple's daughter and moved to a new location and a private investigate was hired to track the father down. Details of the case have not been released to the media.

Arutz Sheva news on Tuesday quoted the woman as stating, "I always had a sympathetic ear in court, and it created a very strong connection with me as if I was their daughter, they understood my distress."

Statistics show that a roughly equal number of men and women are unable to get divorced because one spouse refuses. Fathers have often complained that women can refuse child visitation in an effort to gain the upper hand in divorce litigation. A new caucus in the Knesset has been established to deal with such issues.

In the case reported on Tuesday, Rabbi Eliyahu Maimon, who heads such matters in the rabbinical courts,  told Arutz Sheva news, "I urge those who have not yet found a way to end their marriage, to contact our department and we will help settle the matter in a dignified manner."


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