Officers Hurt as Neo-Nazis and Occupy Groups Clash at California State Capitol

Sacramento - Two CHP officers were hurt by protesters at competing rallies at the State Capitol Monday that started with aNeo-Nazievent.

Extra CHP and Sacramento Police officers were called in to separate the two groups, who are getting louder and more violent toward each other.

A group of self-proclaimed white supremacists organized a nationwide protest Monday for part of an effort they call the “South Africa Project.” According to the project’s website,, they want to stop the alleged “genocide of whites” in South Africa.

The group includes various white supremacist,Neo-Naziand Klan organizations in Northern California.

A crew from FOX40 was at the capitol when a group of protesters from Occupy Oakland joined the anti-Neo-Nazi demonstration, increasing the group’s size to about 100.

There were between 40-50 Neo-Nazi demonstrators. They tried to leave the Capitol just after 3 p.m., and cops tried to clear a path for them to a parking garage nearby. As the group walked to their cars, cops stood between them and the anti-Neo-Nazi demonstrators. As the Neo-Nazi group walked by, the other protesters threw rocks and paint balls at them, hitting some of the officers in the middle.

By the time the group dispersed about an hour later, three protesters were taken into custody and two officers were hurt. No word on how many officers had been hit by paint balls or rocks.

It was not immediately clear why Occupy Oakland was demonstrating against the “South Africa Project” group. There was nothing about Monday’s demonstration in Sacramento on Occupy Oakland’s website, and no mention on their Twitter account.

Sacramento Police say as of 4:36 p.m., the affected streets have reopened and the protestors have left.

A total of three demonstrators were arrested.


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