Neo-Nazi Photos Pulled By Brooklyn Photog

A local photographer who published pictures of some young, Polish, neo-Nazis living in Brooklyn abruptly pulled the photos from his website Wednesday.

"I want to keep a low profile," Adam Krause told PIX 11, when we contacted him, shortly after the pictures were featured in a story in London's "Daily Mail".

The series of photos show young white guys, some of them sitting in front of flags with swastikas. Some have their faces covered with bandanas, while one of them poses at the Greenpoint piers, wearing a warm-up jacket with Polska printed on it, across the river from the Empire State Building in Manhattan.

Anita Nowak, a Polish immigrant who works at the Amber Restaurant on Nassau Avenue, was mortified when she saw the photos. "It's something I'm ashamed of," Nowak told PIX 11. "I'm Polish, so this means something to me. Most of the Polish people don't agree. I don't want this kind of people in this neighborhood," she said.

The manager of Pyza across the street, which serves traditional, Polish meals, shook his head when he viewed the photos. "I'm shocked with this picture," he said.

Sophia, a blonde artist who was eating at Pyza, remarked, "I think it's stupid. It goes so against our history." Sophia went on to observe that Adolph Hitler didn't like Slavs or gypsies, either.

A couple of undercover officers from the 94th Precinct told PIX 11 they'd been notified about the web postings and were keeping an eye out for any trouble. City Council member, Stephen Levin, a Democrat who represents the 33rd District in Brooklyn, was very disturbed by the photos and was talking to police about them. "This is the kind of thing where we can't just stand by and look on," he told PIX 11. "I represent hundreds of individuals who lived through the Holocaust, who even fled Poland, so this is particularly painful." Levin said he was concerned about the neo-Nazi element in Greenpoint, because some people have been victimized in bias incidents in the past.

By Wednesday afternoon, the photographer, Adam Krause, had removed the photos from his web page and replaced the pictures with a link to Larry David's HBO show, "Curb Your Enthusiasm," an episode that dealt with bigotry. The clip showed a so-called "skinhead" referring to Larry David as a "Jew boy". Krause was not answering questions about why he removed the photos--and why he substituted them with this specific link to David's show.


  1. An interesting post left in the comments section

    "I personally know this person and those pictures were taking about 10 years ago when this kid was about 14 years old , we all know how stupied young people can be , and he was one of them .Today this person is a grow man and responsible adult with a full time job , the photograper that took those pictures claiming that they were taking in this kids home are not true because he dosen't live there for the past 5 years after his mom passed away from cancer i know because i use to live next door to them ....................... People need to know the truth before they pass any judgment .....


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