Jewish Brazilian politician to sue colleague over Hitler comparison

A Jewish politician from Brazil said he would sue a colleague for suggesting he was a Nazi.

Isaac Tayah, president of the city council of Manaus, said he would file charges in a federal court for racism, libel and defamation, according to A Critica, a Brazilian news site.

Earlier this month, Councilman Mario Frota published on his blog a photo montage of Tayah’s face on the body of Adolf Hitler wearing a Nazi uniform.

Frota told several newspapers that it was a “bad joke,” but that was not sufficient for Tayah.

“I can’t just ignore this. Even of the trial goes on for 10 years, Frota will have to answer for this,” he told A Critica. If Frota wanted to make a joke, Tayah added, “he could have presented me as a ballerina. He wanted to create a polemic.”

The umbrella organization of Jewish communities of the Brazilian state of Amazonas expressed “solidarity” with Tayah. Manaus is the capital of Amazonas.

“Comparing Jews to Nazism is offensive to the Jewish people and religion,” read a recent statement by the organization, CIAM, which referred to Tayah as a “prominent member” of the Jewish community of Amazonas.


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