Subway Worker Saves 3 People On Tracks At Delancey Street Station

A New York City subway worker was being hailed as a hero Monday for preventing a train from hitting a man who’d had a seizure and two other people who were trying to help him.

Subway operator Danny Hay was on his way to work Sunday morning when he saw a young man on the tracks at the Delancey Street station in Manhattan.

“I noticed a man was laying in between the tracks, convulsing. He was having a seizure,” Hay told WCBS 880′s Marla Diamond.

As Diamond reported, Hay got on his radio and called for help. When no one heard him, he ran up to the train booth and told an attendant to cut the power.

By that time two good Samaritans were also on the tracks.

“I would like to meet the good Samaritans. I feel that they need to be recognized also,” Hay told Diamond.

When Hay noticed the power was still on he ran to the end of the station and flashed a light at the oncoming train.

“I tried to run faster to the end of the platform where I was able to take a position and use my flashlight to signal the train to come to a complete stop,” he told Diamond.

The train operator noticed it and stopped just in time.

“Two days later, my adrenaline is still going. I hope I get a good night’s sleep tonight,” Hay said.


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