Report: Bike Share Fueling Spike In Tickets, Rider Infractions

Tickets and fines for bike-related offenses have reportedly spiked since the program launched late last month.

The Daily News reports tickets have increased 81 percent from last year in Brooklyn areas with docking stations.

Tickets in Manhattan areas with Citi Bikes are up seven percent.

Infractions include running red lights, and riding the wrong way or on the sidewalk.

Fines can run from $25 up to as much as $190.

One official told the News officers could just be giving more tickets because there are so many more people on bikes.

It's unclear what percentage of the tickets are being given to Citi Bike users, as opposed to people on their own bikes.

Meanwhile, new numbers show New Yorkers are pushing the pedals and trimming their waistlines.

The Department of Transportation estimates 50 million calories have been burned by riders since the bike share program's launch a month ago.

That's over the course of 529 thousand trips, encompassing almost 1.3 million miles, enough to circle the globe about 50 times.

More than 113,000 people have taken rides, including about 50,000 now with annual memberships.

Organizers say Citi Bike is the nation's largest bike share program with 6,000 bikes.


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