Yated Ne'eman Raises over $200,000 for Rubashkin

Editor and Publisher of Yated Ne’eman, Rabbi Pinchus Lipshutz, through his regular appeals in the weekly newspaper, has raised more than $200,000 from June-November 2009, towards the Rubashkin defense fund, says the Committee of Concerned Anash for Pidyon Shivuyim.

Following a series of articles editorials exploring the pioneering work of the Rubashkin family with regards to Kashrus in the U.S., and illuminating various aspects of the case and the travesty committed against the Rubashkins, Yated readers were inspired to contribute funds to the cause.

Rabbi Lipshutz only came to know R. Sholom Mordechai after personally meeting with his daughter following his arrest, and subsequently spending a Shabbos with him and his family in Postville last year.

“He got to know the mettle of this man, his true nature” says Rabbi Lipa Brennan, a close friend of Rabbi Lipshutz, explaining why he was motivated to take on the Rubashkin cause, and place the Yated at the disposal of this crisis.

“Rabbi Lipshutz recognized the enormous contribution that the Rubashkins have made to Jewish life in the U.S. and that inspired him to want to take a significant role in leading the fundraising efforts to help their defense,” says Rabbi Brennan.

Rabbi Lipshutz’s articles continue to inspire thousands worldwide to respond with their support, encouraging them to send their donations by mail to: Pidyon Shivuyim, 53 Olympia Lane, Monsey, NY 10952. All monies are then forwarded to the NCFJE’s Rubashkin defense fund.

At least $800,000 more has yet to be raised to cover legal defense fees ensuring R. Sholom Mordechai and his family the best possible defense.

At present, he is hoping for a positive outcome of his attorneys’ latest appeal for his release on bail. A response to their expedited petition for rehearing to the 8th Circuit 11-judge panel could be imminent.

Sholom Mordechai’s legal team is now working diligently in preparation for sentencing hearings, expected sometime in the next several months.  

Readers are asked to continue praying, contribute to and participate in the many activities going on to help R. Sholom Mordechai and his family. To contribute to the Rubashkin legal defense fund, please CLICK HERE


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