Brooklyn, N.Y. - Bus crash sends 15 to hospital, leaves stinky mess on street

Brooklyn, N.Y. - A collision between an MTA bus and a tanker truck loaded with chicken grease sent 15 people to the hospital today — and left a stinky mess on a Brooklyn street.

The bus collided with the rear of the truck at the intersection of Nostrand Ave. and Lincoln Place in Crown Heights around 11:15 a.m., witnesses said.

Kim Nashana-Nelson, who works in a nearby beauty supply store, heard "a loud crash of metal. I didn’t know what hit what."

Witnesses said the bus driver didn’t open the bus’s rear door, forcing frightened passengers to scramble out the front exit.

The front end and windshield of the bus were smashed. Thirteen of the injuries were minor, and two were serious said cops. None appeared life-threatening.

After the crash, foul-smelling and slippery chicken grease gushed from the ruptured truck, which had gathered the goo from nearby restaurants.

Firefighters spread sand on the street to sop up the mess.

NY Post


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